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Where the Fabbrici Foundation began



Amelia Fabbrici was the youngest of three siblings and possessed an immense amount of love for the arts. She was born in the late years of World War II, in a countryside which resisted fascism and nazism, and lived through idealistic protests of the 60s. Although never directly involved, Amelia absorbed much of this strength into her bright character and mind.

Her spirit was full of courage and adventure, which allowed her to travel from Italy to Canada. Despite having no knowledge of English, with her sheer determination, she thrived in this new country. In just a few years she attained her degree in Early Childhood Development at the University of Calgary and raised a family.

Amelia’s strength in the face of adversity has inspired many of those around her, and is a guiding model to many still today.

Amelia Fabbrici


The Fabbrici name comes from a long line of generous and courageous souls. In a remote faction of the slopes of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, the story begins where Albino and Elena Fabbrici, parents of the three siblings, lived in a humble stone house with only a small vegetable garden. These mountainous woodlands were home to many other modest farmers and artisans who thrived off of the cleared arable pastures. With the small water mill flanking his home, Albino used the power to operate a huge saw for artisanal woodworking. Left remaining of the three siblings, Anna Fabbrici is with us still today and lives happily in San Polo D'Enza.

Amelia Paolo Anna.jpg

Amelia, Paolo & Anna Fabbrici

Amelia and Anna.JPG

Amelia & Anna Fabbrici



Whether in Italy or Canada, Amelia had a passion for the arts. She shared this passion with those around her and introduced many individuals to the arts. The Fabbrici Foundation was formed to create an everlasting legacy of the Fabbrici family and to support the arts in Canada which Amelia loved so much.

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